June 10, 2016

Foster Application

Please Rescue MeFostering with PPAR- its life changing!

Fostering carers are the pathway to a second chance for our disadvantaged and pound dogs. Without carers, PPAR could not rescue these dogs.

One of the most rewarding experiences is seeing your foster dog learn to trust and love again. To see the light in their eyes brighten and then to allow them to leave your care to their own forever families. PPAR are proud to partner you on that journey.

We will provide vet work, support and training and work with you to ensure the ultimate success of the union. We ask you to take time to complete our fostering application. We do ask many questions and it can take a bit of time but it is important so we can best match your home to the foster dog. Together we can, and do make a difference!

From pounds to paradise …

To help us in processing your application as fast as possible please provide photos of your fences and backyard area.