July 24, 2016

About Fostering?

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Fostering is a rewarding experience and the first step in the journey to a furever home for these animals.

Precious Paws team of volunteers will support you through the journey of the animal entering your home and all the items in between.

Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions and read of what our careers are saying, we look forward to having you as part of the family.

What our CAREERS say?


Frequently Asked Questions

A: PPAR have a great team of support staff who will assist and guide you through the the entire process including vet work .
A: No. you will be appointed your own liaison to be your support person within our group. This person will provide basic start up information , vet letters and locations, provide you with advice and information and assist you with any questions you may have. We also have a carers Facebook forum which most of our carers join. The forum is a wonderful resource for new carers in providing support , information or just chatting to like minded people. We also have fact sheets for behaviours , training and diet related issues if you require further information.
A: A lot of our carers do provide all of the dogs needs as they would their own dogs ,but if you cannot afford to do that, we do have a donations point for food, toys, medications etc.
A: Most of our carers work as well as foster dogs so all arrangements for adoption meets are at a mutually agreeable time and place. Weekends are very popular times and often a local park can be used if you are uncomfortable with people coming to your home .
A: Photography is a vital link in finding your dog his forever place quickly. The better the photo , the more enquiries the dog receives. It is a proven fact that a great picture will "sell" your dogs story. Simply, your dog will adopt faster with professional photos. Our photographers are in various locations and are generally professional photographers who are animal lovers and donate their time to help us.
A: Fostering is a great way to get to know a dog first before committing to him joining family forever . Many of our carers have a "foster fail" meaning we simply could not give them up and failed by adopting that foster . One of life's greatest failures according to many a carer. It is important to apply to adopt your foster dog quickly though as once we receive an adoption application from a general enquiry, we do have an obligation to process that application and you may miss out.
A: PPAR have a great support team to work with you on your animal behaviors. The first week or so with a new foster dog can be challenging as they can be scared, stressed , tired and hungry. They have no idea their life is about to change for the better. Pound dogs can require compassion and time to come to terms with the changes happening around them. Our support team will provide you with information on introducing your new foster Into your family unit, we will provide ongoing phone support and training support and our carers FB forum provides great peer support and advice as well. In truth, if you follow the advice of our team, most pound dogs only take a short time to integrate into the family life.
A: We do ask for a commitment from our foster carers as it can be detrimental to our dogs to have to move them from a carer when they are just learning to love and trust that person. If the circumstances are that the dog definitely cannot stay with your family, we will advertise for a new carer but that can take time. We are not an animal shelter. We are a group of like minded volunteers who give of our homes and heart to help dogs so our resources for emergency care are extremely limited. Generally, we simply cannot move a dog same day . We do have to wait for a new suitable carer to become available. If there are extenuating circumstances , we will make every attempt to relocate dogs urgently.
A: Definitely , saving a dogs life is the single most important thing we do. But PPAR, like most rescue groups, is a not for profit charity and we pay vet fees just like you do. All of our dogs receive a thorough vet check, are vaccinated , micro chipped , de sexed and receive flea, worm and heart worm treatments . Some receive other medical treatments for skin complaints, dental disease and some others also require extensive dietary support to allow them to regain a normal weight . If any major health issue is identified , PPAR will also commit to the animals well being and medical treatments. Many of our dogs also need to be transported to us from rural pounds so we pay commercial transport companies. Our costs often are significantly greater then our adoption fee and we rely heavily on the generosity of our carers and supporters to assist with fund raising
Yes, fostering can be hard . It can be soul searching and it can reduce you to tears on occasions. But the tears you may occasionally shed are a small payment for the life you saved the day you said "yes, I will help." Your foster dog is only alive today because of you, his foster family ! You, who stepped up when no one else did. You who showed him love, generosity and kindness and you who has strength of spirit to now allow him to go onto his new life . The life you gave him.


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