Jake’s Journey

introThis is Jake and his Journey from POUND to PARADISE.


Jake and his brother were dumped in a rural pound in February this year.They had been beaten and were terrified.

Being a small rural pound these guys had very little interaction with humans or other dogs and lived in a very small and dark room until August . Yes that is right , 6 months ! Can you imagine their fear and mental anguish.

We became aware of their sad plight in August so PPAR stepped up to take Jake while another wonderful rescue group Furry Friends took Bob.

Jake and Bob left the pound and started their separate journeys to freedom. It must have been heartbreaking for them to farewell each other but neither rescue could take them both.14358827_10155353338502627_3684906935787062455_n

Jake went to a rural kennel to await transport to Brisbane but Jake’s journey had some unexpected detours as he got ill and went to a vet while receiving treatment, then on to another temp carer while he waited for transport again.

Finally he arrived in Brisbane by air, no less for this boy! Then off to a lovely carer on the Sunshine Coast where
sadly, he just couldn’t settle due to separation anxiety. After all, he had lost his brother whom was his sole family for 6 months and been under enormous stress for so long.

So another dash to Brisbane and sadly, he went into a kennel again.

Step in PPAR volunteers Sam and Susie who visited Jake regularly who worked with him tirelessly. The girls took him for walks, feed him treats and taught him to trust. What amazing ladies.

Finally last week, we took Jake on one more journey. Last week Jake went back to the country and today a new family have decided he is never again needing a new home.


Meet Bob

Today Jake is adopted and is back living the country life but this time Jake is loving life. He has his own family now including new fur brothers and sisters but best of all , he has Greg and Leona who adore him and have shown him what is to be loved .

What a wonderful journey end for Jake. Truly pound to paradise
PPAR are saddened to say though, that his brother Bob is still on his journey . Bob is in desperate need for the same chance that Jake has.

If you can provide a safe yard with good fences and are home a lot, Bob would love to meet you

Furry Friends Animal Rescue Qld Inc.- dogs1@ffarq.com.au

If you can help Bob.